Location of Villa La Begude

Our small hotel is situated in Saint Tropez, along the dead end road “route des salins”.  Only 1,5 km from the centre of Saint Tropez, 150 meter from the Canoubier beach (Baie de Canoubier) and only 2 km from the Salins beach (Plage des Salins).   

Here you will find not only the film locations of the serie “St. Tropez: Sous le soleil”  but also the villas of Brigitte Bardot « La Madrague », of the car manufacturer family von Opel, of the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Herbert van Karajan, of the American Private Equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, of the French billionaire Vincent Bollore, etc….

From our residence you can take a short, but breathtaking walk along the costal path (Sentier littoral) which – after passing the Granier beach (Plage de Granier) and the famous St. Tropez cemetery –  leads you straight to the centre of famous Saint Tropez.


– When you are entering Saint Tropez, stay on the right lane and follow the sign posts “Centre Ville”, “Les Plages” or “Parking des Lices” 

– after roughly 300m, you just follow the road turning right 

– after roughly 200m you pass the Hotel “Lou Canard” (on your right side) 

– you follow the street until you see the parking “Parc de Lices” (on your left side). At this point you turn left (sign posts: “Centre Ville”, “Hotel Gendarmerie” et “Service Public” 

– after roughly 200m you pass the Hotel “Hotel des Lices” (on your left side) 

– you follow the road until the end where you only have the option to turn left or right. Here, please turn right (sign posts “La Moutte des Salins”, “Capon les Canebiers”, “Valfere le Piret”) 

Now you are on the Route des Salins (sometimes also referred to “Chemin des Salins” in some navigation systems), from this point you need to drive roughly 1600 meters / 1 mile on the Route des Salins, always straight ahead. In the course of these 1600 m, you will pass 

– a school (on your left side), College Moulin Blanc 

– a round-about 

– Villa Cap Sud (on your left side) 

– At the Villa Cap Sud the road turns slightly right and afterwards slightly left 

– From here it is roughly another 200 meters 

Then you will find on your right side a sign post “Villa La Begude” (a little bit hidden behind a tree) 

If you see a sign “Villa a louer, Villa L’abri cotier, 4 chambres..” on your right side, then you are 30 meters too far 

If you see a parking (roughly 10 parking spaces) on your right side, you are roughly 120 meters too far 

If you see a football/soccer stadium / place you are at least 600 meters too far